Sacred Life. Winter Greens.

This morning I drove to Wallace to visit my new friend at La Finquita (the little farm).  When I met Silvana a year ago, I could feel a pull from some far out/deep inner place to further connect.  Trusting in the weaving of life and experience, today was the day.  Gaia gifted me with a snow-melting 10 degrees C after a weekend of -32 windchill.  Silvana generously welcomed me into her world. We meandered through her biodynamic collaboration with the land. Orchards. Energy wheels. Gardens. A passive solar greenhouse. A library of seeds.  An in-depth knowledge of wild edibles.

To say I was and am inspired is a colossal understatement.  Our conversation flowed from the nitty gritty teachable, touchable bits of shared info that only hands-on experience can offer (like tricks for separating various seeds from their chaff), to sharing our unique embodied intentions when interacting with the land and animals, seeds and vegetables.  I could feel passionate, abundant life moving through me and all around me.  And to be able to connect with another from this open, enlivened place is perhaps the most meaningful part of it all.  This is what sacred is to me.

Leaving, this is what caught me attention on the 1 mile drive from Silvana’s driveway to the Wallace Bridge:

My bag of Arugula, Mache, Peppergrass, Garden Sorrel and garlic chives from La Finquita’s magical greenhouse on my dashboard. Deer and fog.  Exposed ground after lots of snow.  Lobster shells as fertilizer covering farm fields.  Myself in the rearview mirror, lit up beyond belief in my open, creative process.  Fencelines.  My way home.









The piece of humanity that I am is opening to new ways of expressing and interconnecting, with vast space for elements of the ancient to move forward into the now.  Some other things that are currently and profoundly stoking my fire:

The Rural Consciousness Project presents Renaissance Women.  My gentle, fierce tribe of powerhouse women and I are holding space for an otherworldly 5-day collaborative experience in Hawaii Apr 18-23.  Amidst all that is not working in the world today, “life itself wants to go on.  Once you get on that sort of wavelength then you, too,  participate in this tidal change of creativity” (Joanna Macy).  There are two spaces remaining.  Come be part of this life-awakening tsunami.

Unplug.  My courageous, visionary friend just released her first book and I highly recommend it.  Here is a moving, unedited clip of Deb Ozarko opening a copy of her own book.  Our world needs more of this!

A Short film interviewing Joanna Macy who stares into our times with a clarity and awareness that resonates inside of me.  “It’s that knife edge of uncertainty where we come alive to our truest power.”

Katie Belcher. Our first artist in residence!  Check out my friend’s exquisite work.  I’m excited to have her diving into her next series of drawings in my studio while keeping our chickens company for the month of April.   This handmade family is heading on a Walkabout, an epic adventure of gathering inspiration while connecting with Ohana in Nayarit, Mexico and Oahu, Hawaii.  Pinch me!

The other ‘R’ in this ongoing, wild collaboration of life, parenting, art and business that we call R+R Handmade.  Ruben is featured in Eastern Alternative and I’m moved by his real, honest reveal of his process and thoughts.  Who knows, maybe you’ll hear from him next. We plan to pass this blog back and forth, here and there.  Hope you’ll come back for more!


2 thoughts on “Sacred Life. Winter Greens.”

  1. Raina,
    I have just read your introduction to your blog and I am beyond intrigued by your thoughts and aspirations. Having the great pleasure of knowing you through high school, I always knew you were on another level but you are truly enlightened and see the world through such a genuine, thought provoking and profound lense. I look forward to reading more and hopefully seeing more pictures of your works!
    Congratulations my sweet friend!!!

  2. Paying attention to Food and earth always make me listen…you speak of both so often…I listen!

    I tried to attach a poster I found as a comment/response…I will email instead :)

    Take care sweet Raina

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