New Moon. Roundhouse.


Well, I suppose it’s been in the works for a little while.  Or maybe it’s really been brewing for 28 years, from the leap-year moment my sister was born into my world. We’ve played, we’ve fought, we’ve competed,  we’ve comforted each other, we’ve explored together, we have put each other down, we’ve lived in vastly different worlds.  And in the last few years, as we’ve both invited growth img_6684and realness, our worlds have expanded to include each other as rockin’ inspiration and deeply meaningful company.  Despite the country between us (most of the time), we’ve birthed a sisterhood beyond blood.


Now, we’re excited to explore what’s possible when we collaborate!  On October 30th, Cait and I will be welcoming other women into their own growth and realness as we dive into more for ourselves.  


Check out Cait’s post, New Moon Rising, and her recently launched Balsam Creative




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