When our dear friend and talented videographer/photographer, Nancy Bell (@truenancy), visited last summer she captured pieces of our life in the shop + studio and on the land.  She prompted us with the perfect questions, wove in some of my photos and sprinkled cousin Asa Iron’s guitar magic throughout.  The collaborative process of creating this video has offered space for reflection and clarity.  And we happen to be tickled with the end result, too!

(Side note: What this video may not fully convey is that working together is not without its challenges. We’ve both quit many times, claiming to be done!  Through it all, Ruben and I have logged many a raw, real conversations. We’ve discovered the value of being open, clear, honest and direct and we’ve grown individually and as a duo because of this.  My we’ve come a looooong way, baby!  Wonder what’s around the corner…)

One thought on “captured”

  1. Wow Raina Ruben and Nancy. That was so special. Knowing you all and feeling the passion behind this work is inspiring to me. You’ve caught the essance of what I know to be Rube and Raina’s life, Nancy. Beautifully done. Congratulations

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