Nesting Oval Bowls
Nesting Oval Bowls
Nesting Oval Bowls
Nesting Oval Bowls
Nesting Oval Bowls

Nesting Oval Bowls

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These nesting bowls are hand forged out of mild steel by Ruben Irons, Artist Blacksmith and finished with raw beeswax. Unique marks of character speak to both the ancient craft of blacksmithing and the nuances of the metal. For this reason, each bowl is slightly different, embracing wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic that celebrates imperfection.

Bowls can stand on their own in various arrangements for a simple sculptural statement or they can hold your treasures. They have a flattened bottom to create a stable base and a level spot for a candle should you choose to use them as candle holders.

These are solid and will stand strong for generation after generation. Makes a wonderful iron anniversary gift (6th anniversary) or steel anniversary gift (11th anniversary), wedding gift or housewarming gift.

If you would like your bowls PERSONALIZED, please select the number of characters that applies to your personalization, taking into account the TOTAL number of characters with all bowls combined. Spaces do not count as characters but everything else does. Include your personalization in the optional "engraving for personalization" above as follows:

small bowl:
medium bowl:
large bowl:

We stamp into the UNDERSIDE of the bowl, unless you specify another location. We use 1/4" capital letters and/or numbers. "/", ".", "&", "+" are also options, as well as a heart-shaped stamp.

Ideas for personalization:
anniversary date
wedding date - anniversary date
children's birthdays
roman numerals
GPS coordinates

The approximate dimensions for each bowl are as follows:
small: 7" long, 3" wide, 1" tall
medium: 8.5" long, 4.25" wide, 1.25" tall
large: 10" long, 5" wide, 1.5" tall


(Not food safe. Too preserve beeswax finish, avoid moisture.)

"It is apparent the care & craftsmanship that went into these personalized bowls.  Thanks for a beautiful heirloom set!" -Stephanie Hunter