Approaching Winter Solstice

Carving out space to foster what makes our souls sing in otherwise precarious times.  Now more than ever, this feels so important.  Listening closely to what moves inside, unearthing the whispers and the screams as we embrace all that serves us and our planet.  Allowing the rest to fall away.


Leaning into the mystery, we lit a candle to mark the beginning of our sacred solstice month. For this final stretch of shortening days, I’m welcoming more cold dips in the brook, more slow mending, wreath making, dancing, piano playing, magic in our homegrown meals, earth loving, ear and shoulder lending, connection with the beautiful people in our lives. Wishing you all the slow, deep breaths that root us in our bodies and in our innate intuition - the trust-your-gut type business that’s required of each of us right now.  



If you please, join me (Raina) for my annual winter solstice yoga experience.  This time around we'll be relaxing into an interconnected, nurturing space online.  Light a candle at home, move your body and listen closely to what you need on and off your yoga mat.  Share with your friends and invite your family to join you.  Set an intention that will carry you through the holidays season and into the return of light.  Find the full details here.  

From our family to yours, Solstice Blessings!