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We offer complete hand forged fireplace sets (poker, brush & shovel with stand) as well as individual tools.  All are made to order.  Please connect to explore options and for pricing. Personalization is also a possibility.    

Forged fireplace set by Ruben Irons
Details on the set above:
As with all of our ironwork, each component is made of mild steel (with the exception of the bristle brush with wooden head that we outsource) that has been heated in the forge and hammered into shape on the anvil by Ruben Irons, Artist Blacksmith. Unique marks of character speak to the ancient craft of blacksmithing. The set has a raw beeswax finish.

Approximate measurements:
-height of rack: 29"
-length of tools: 26" - 27" (poker, brush & hand riveted shovel)
-diameter of base: 10” (designed to collect and contain soot)
 Will stand strong for generations!
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