From conception to birth, we present: the Lunar Bowl

These small bowls evolved in design over years until we found a form that we loved just so.  I was holding one a few weeks ago, feeling its weight and shape and presence cradled in my hands.  I became aware of the ebb and flow inside of me in my day-to-day experience, from moments of great struggle to expansive, clarity and inspiration.  I smiled to myself.  And then I walked across the driveway to Ruben’s shop.  “Can you make chisels in the shape of moon phases?”, I asked.

In honour of the cycle that moves oceans.  In honour of the waxing and waning of self and collective evolution.  In honour of all sacred objects made by hand with heart.


A small stack of these beauties are heading with me to Vancouver Island for a sacerd gathering of women under the new moon at Roundhouse Farm on October 30th, 2016. The Lunar Bowl is also now available here.  Made by hand and finished with raw beeswax, each bowl is one-of-a-kind. Oh, and we embrace wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic celebrating imperfection:).

Thanks for taking a peek at our process!