Good night, June.

From our tiny details to the bird's eye...what a month!

We've welcomed so much new life into our scene in the last weeks

food, medicine & soil-building trees & shrubs;

Roda & Tilly (the sweetest pair of Ossabaw Island pigs)

& a wee flock of Sasso chicks. 

There's been...

earthworks, land sculpting, water slowing & sinking

plantings into pots, into berms, into guilds

fences erected, bramble rooted, cover crops seeded

forging & foraging

a birthday celebrated

art created

tender moments, intense moments

tick checks & storytime 

epsom salt baths & cold blasts

ocean swims & downpours 

confusion & clarity

miscommunication & new lines of connection

big elements of the vision made manifest

...& that same load of laundry is still on the line.










And our old dog Toby's Ironwood tree continues to grow straight and strong amidst it all.