Leo Gets Big

Snuggles at Hilltop Homestead where Leo got his best possible start with super mama Moose and caring friends, Corey & Justin.    


Heading home from Hilltop Homestead at 9 weeks. Photo by Scott Munn.
Pitstop during his first walks with Bella (who now fits easily under a standing Leo!)
Another pitstop in the bunchberries.
Leo's perch on the top step.
Taking a breather after some serious wrestling.
After a little b-ball.
3 months.
Growing into his top step perch...and filthy!
After some initial snappy uncertainly on Bella's part, they're now best buds and wrestle all day long.
Pausing to appreciate the finer things at 4 months.
Going along with the girls plan to burry him in October. 6 months.
Overseeing the November landscape.
An incredible, ancient being, yet still just 7 months old!
Leo the Great.