Moments of Summer

Bees. Honey Bees. Pollinating like crazy. Thank you, bees.

Poppies.  A whole whack of them in our compost pile.  Volunteering wildly.  I don’t mind one bit.

Powerful free-ranging garden pixie picking herself some peas. Green Arrow Shelling Peas to be precise. What this photo doesn’t necessarily reveal is that she hasn’t slept through the night once in the 17 months since she arrived. Not even close. She’s amazing…and so am I. I must remember to pat myself on the back more often.

Liv’s feet. Saw horse.  Getting a feel for the new house addition.  

Drawing. A daily Draw, Swap, Colour between Yula and I for the month of August.  More sharing to come of this awesome collaboration.

Chickens. Saying goodbye to our beloved, eclectic flock of laying hens and our rooster named Pasta. Here they go, en route to their new home with our dear friends at Hilltop Homestead.  Thank you, chickens, for your lively company, all the eggs you laid and all the discovery opportunities along the way.

Cousins. Here they go running through the field, leading us into a magical afternoon of children-led performances in Grandma’s enchanted forest.