Morning Yoga @ Home with Raina

After multiple uploading attempts with slow-as-molasses rural internet, I'm happy to share my first ever yoga video. It's raw and unedited (with an audio glitch for a few seconds in the middle), complete with my household emerging from their slumber at the end! I rolled out of bed and rolled out my mat. Just before beginning my own practice, I decided to press record on my phone. My hope is that someone somewhere will connect with this real-life offering as a gateway into deeper breathing and their own authentic way of nurturing themselves during these uncertain, challenging times.

As social distancing carries on, I'm missing my community yoga classes like crazy.  We will breathe and flow together again, but in the meantime my intention is to find other ways to support wellness.  This is the beginning.

Perhaps you'll start your week with me on the mat tomorrow morning (or maybe even right now)?! Listen to your body & breathe deep, my friends. May we tune in to our interconnected humanity while taking care of ourselves and each other.  Please share with anyone in your life that may benefit from this.



 I also have three audio recordings available if you're looking for more options to support your home practice.  Details can be found here.