Yoga with Raina at home


just recordings by the month: $35?



Based on your unique interest and needs, there will be a few different ways to engage with REVOLUTION WITHIN.

The Practice Pass is for those who just need some live yoga weekly to help you reset, ground, and connect within. You will have access to my weekly Tuesday/Thursday 60-minute live-streamed asana classes with unlimited replays.

The Transformation Pass is for those who are ready to go deep to experience physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness through yoga, meditation, and other psycho/somatic healing methodologies. This pass will include two weekly 60-minute live-streamed asana classes, one 90 minute prayer based yoga practice, and one 30 minute meditation class per week. You will also receive a monthly processing support session, one monthly restorative practice, unlimited replays, and more.



Live Yoga Weekly
  •  (2x per week) 60-minute yoga classes filmed live every Tuesday & Thursday with unlimited replays


Ready to Go Deeper
  •  (2) 60-minute yoga classes filmed live every Tuesday & Thursday
  •  Weekly 30-minute meditation class
  •  Weekly 90-minute “Sacred Sunday” Zoom prayer-based yoga class
  •  Monthly 60-minute restorative practice
  •  Monthly Member-Only live processing/check-in calls
  •  Access to a Private FB Page so we can stay in touch, build relationships, and grow community
  •  Unique Offerings, Guest Speakers, and Monthly Resources
  •  Access to unlimited replays